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Blackberry Remote Server is a professional unlock service for your Blackberry GSM. A stable, fast and easy method to unlock your Blackberry device specially designed for non technical consumers. We do not sell 'free reset / unlock' codes which you can find all over the web as they often damage your phone, we offer a solution created and tested by professionals.. SRS supports all the latest models, and we can instantly unlock phones from almost any provider – it doesn't matter where you got your phone! Unlocking is completely safe and requires only the imei number and provider id. The price for unlocking one Blackberry device is 10 euro.

We 100% guarantee our service, if unlocking a supported model does not work, just send us an video proof and you will get 100% refund! (except if your phone is MEP0 after 10x wrong code entry)

Imei number:	
(example Imei: 123456789012347)

PRD code:		
(example PRD Code: PRD-05480-028)
BlackBerry Provider ID

Step 2: After filling in your IMEI and PRD-ID press the 'CHECK CODES' button to see if your unlock codes are available.

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